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Adam Foot

iOS Developer

I build apps for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS using Swift.

I’ve been creating apps for Apple platforms since 2016 and I’m currently working as the sole iOS/macOS developer at Redbox Mobile whilst working on my own apps too.


Redbox Mobile

Application Developer, June 2018 - Current

At Redbox Mobile, I am the sole developer working on the Redbox Toolbox app for iOS and macOS (Catalyst). Despite being the only iOS developer, I feed into a wider development team who work on the company’s main product - Redbox Platform.

I have been employed here since leaving college in 2018 and was initially hired as an account manager. Whilst in this role, I created an app to automate elements of my role until working on this app became a full time task shortly after.

The Redbox Toolbox app is built using Xcode and Swift. The technologies used in the app includes UIKit, SwiftUI, Cocoapods, Auto Layout, Storyboards and Swift Package Manager.

Independent Developer

iOS Developer, January 2016 - Current

I started learning iOS development in October 2015 and released my first app on the App Store in January 2016. I released my first app - AllergyMe - after realising others could benefit from the app I had created for myself. Shortly after releasing it, I picked up media attention from my local BBC News channel and newspaper.

Since then, I have built apps on Apple platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS using Swift. I also developed a few apps for Android using Java too.

Currently, I have a number of apps in development that I work on when I get the chance - my most well known being Shift Keyboard.

My Projects

Shift Keyboard

Shift Keyboard ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

Shift Keyboard is a full keyboard for Apple Watch. It supports multiple languages and QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts.

As featured on 9to5MacCult of MacAppAdvice and

Technologies: UIKit, WatchKit, Core Data

TV Remote

TV Remote ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

TV Remote was created to replace an out-of-date app I was using for my TV and was inspired by the Apple TV Remote app. It supports TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, Roku and many more.

As featured on & MacMagazine.

Technologies: SwiftUI, CoreData + CloudKit, SiriKit, WidgetKit


Instructor ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

Instructor is an app designed for driving instructors that allows them to track their pupils’ progress in an easy to use app.

Technologies: SwiftUI, Core Data + CloudKit, StoreKit

Retro Keyboard

Retro Keyboard ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

Retro Keyboard is T9 style keyboard for Apple Watch. Similar to old feature phones, you can use nine keys to type out messages.

Technologies: SwiftUI, Core Data


Haptics ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

Haptics is a tool specifically designed for iOS developers to allow them to test out the different types of haptic feedback that iOS has to offer. The Apple Watch companion app provides similar functionality for watchOS developers too.

Technologies: SwiftUI


MediWear ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

MediWear is medical ID app that has been designed around Apple Watch. Users enter their details on their iPhone and it will sync to their Apple Watch.

Technologies: UIKit, WatchKit, WatchConnectivity


MediCall ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

MediCall is a medical ID app that allows users to create wallpapers from their medical details. In the event of a medical emergency, all of their details are available from their Lock Screen.

Technologies: UIKit


UniClip ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

UniClip is a universal clipboard app. Users add some text or an image and the content will automatically sync to all of their other iCloud connected devices.

Technologies: UIKit, AppKit, CloudKit


Advent ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

Advent is a Christmas based app that allows users to create an Advent Calendar for someone they care about. Every day leading up to Christmas, a different message will be displayed to the recipient of the Advent Calendar.

Technologies: UIKit, Firebase


AllergyMe ScreenshotDownload on the App Store button

AllergyMe is a medical ID app specifically designed for allergy sufferers. This was my very first iOS app and was created as I suffer from a peanut allergy.

As featured on BBC News, the Anaphylaxis Campaign and the Swindon Advertiser.

Technologies: UIKit, WatchKit