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Adam Foot

iOS Developer

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TV Remote

TV Remote is a fully customisable remote app for. It supports themes, customisable layouts, Siri Shortcuts and Widgets - all enabling full control over a connected TV. The app supports televisions from LG, Samsung, Sony and those powered by Roku software plus many others too. It was designed to closely match the built-in Apple TV Remote app but be fully functional for a full TV set. Support for switching apps, sources and even entering text via a keyboard means it can fully replace a physical remote.

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TV Launcher

TV Launcher makes it easy for cord-cutters to launch live TV channels across Apple platforms in the UK, Ireland, US and Australia. TV Launcher integrates a full TV Guide with the ability to launch live channels across multiple streaming apps so users don’t have to hop between them. There is support for notifications just before a programme starts, multiple Widgets, Shortcuts and an Apple Watch app for checking schedules too. Integration with the Top Shelf on tvOS means channels can be launched without even opening the app and you can see at a glance what is on.

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HomeBatteries makes it super quick & easy to see all of your HomeKit accessory batteries in one location. If you have ever found yourself in the situation where a battery powered HomeKit accessory has stopped working, then HomeBatteries can prevent it from happening again. HomeBatteries enables you to view all of your Apple Home device battery levels in one place and get notified before they run out of power.

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WristBoard (previously Shift Keyboard) is a full keyboard for Apple Watch. It supports multiple languages and QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts with support for autocorrect, text suggestions and custom dictionaries too.

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HomeButtons makes is quick & easy to toggle all of your HomeKit accessories & scenes. Whilst the built-in Home app provides this functionality, HomeButtons was designed to make it much quicker to quickly activate a scene or toggle an accessory’s state. It is fully configurable so you only see your most used accessories & scenes..

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Territory is a tool for iOS and other Apple platform developers to quickly switch the active storefront of the App Store on their device. This is so that they can see if their app has been featured in other country/region.