About Me

Hi, Iʼm Adam! 👋 Iʼm an indie developer living in Swindon, UK building apps for iOS and other Apple platforms using Swift! I started learning to build apps with Swift in 2015 as a hobby alongside school work. Since then I have worked on many projects that have been released on the App Store. After finishing studying, I worked as an iOS developer at a startup for nearly four years. In 2022, I left my job to become a full-time indie developer. I now spend most of my days building exciting apps for the App Store! If thereʼs anything you need, please feel free to contact me here.


Indie Work (Self-Employed)

iOS Developer, January 2016 - Present

I started creating apps as a hobby after teaching myself iOS development with Swift. I have experience developing for all of Apple’s platforms using SwiftUI and in the past UIKit and AppKit too. The apps I build are quick to adopt new Apple APIs, such as Widgets and AppIntents more recently. After working in a start-up environment full-time since 2018, I decided to quit my job to become an indie developer full-time in 2022.

Redbox Mobile

Application Developer, June 2018 - February 2022

At Redbox Mobile, I was the sole iOS developer responsible for working on the ASO Toolkit app for iOS and macOS. This app was built entirely in SwiftUI and can be found here. Whilst working here, I had the experience of working with a number of globally recognised brands to improve their app’s ASO and helped to manage their Apple Search Ads campaigns. I became one of the first in Europe to achieve a certification in Apple Search Ads from Apple too.


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