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AppJournal is an app that enables iOS developers to keep a record of any changes they make to their app or of milestones it achieves. There is support for recording changes to things like metadata, supported platforms and price changes, and the ability to note down if an article, podcast or video featured their app.



AppJournal keeps track of your appʼs history by enabling you to create new entries when you make changes or have something to celebrate.

Entry Types

Built-in to AppJournal are multiple entry types which can be complemented with additional metadata, such as which platforms a change was made for, links to an article that the app was featured in and from/to fields so you can see exactly what is different. The entry types included are: • Idea Created • Started Building • Released App • Released Update • Removed from Sale • Updated App Icon • Updated App Icon • Updated Metadata • Updated Platforms • Updated Languages • Updated Regions • Featured • Reached Milestone • Won Award • Price Change • In-App Purchase Price Change • Switched Payment Model


AppJournal is free to download but some features require an AppJournal Pro subscription. This is priced as follows: • $0.99/£0.99 per month • $3.99/£3.99 per year (1 week free trial) • $9.99/£9.99 lifetime Promo codes available upon request.


AppJournal is available on iOS (17.0+), iPadOS (17.0+), macOS (14.0+) and visionOS (1.0+).


AppJournal has been built using SwiftUI, StoreKit and SwiftData.


AppJournal is localised in English.


Hi, Iʼm Adam! 👋 Iʼm an indie developer living in the UK building apps for iOS and other Apple platforms. Iʼve been building apps since 2015 and went full-time indie in 2022 after working at a startup for four years as an iOS developer. I created AppJournal as I wanted a simple utility that would enable me to log a few details about my apps and track their milestones.


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