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HomeBatteries Releases

Version 2.0

18 March 2024

Battery Trends

HomeBatteries will now keep track of a HomeKit accessory’s battery level over time so you can view how long it lasts between charges/replacements. This data is available to view as a graph on the accessory details screen.

Log Charge/Replacements

Linked to the new Battery Trends feature is the ability to log when an accessory had its battery charged or replaced which is also visible on the same graph.

Apple Watch App

The Apple Watch app supports viewing all batteries at a glance. It will be highlighted yellow/red if it requires attention and also displays the battery type required too.

Redesigned iPad/Vision Pro App

On iPad & Apple Vision Pro, the app has been redesigned with a new 3 column layout to take advantage of the bigger space. In the sidebar, you can filter by rooms to quickly access accessories in that room. On iPhone, sections can be collapsed to access rooms quicker if you have a large number of accessories.

iCloud Sync

Accessory settings and trends data now sync over iCloud so you can view details on all compatible Apple devices. Notification settings will also sync over iCloud too.


• Added multiple new Shortcuts actions: log charge/battery replacement, fetch charge/replacement dates, set battery type, charging status, hidden status, set hidden status, identify accessory. • Added support for accessories that don’t expose a battery level percentage to HomeKit and only a Normal/Low value. • Low batteries now stand out easier in the app as accessories that are sufficiently powered will now be grey instead of green. • Accessories can now be renamed in the app by tapping the name on the accessory details screen. • Added the ability to quickly identify an accessory in the app. • Pull to refresh on the accessories list screen. • Onboarding process for new users. • Improved placeholder views when HomeBatteries doesn’t have access to HomeKit, a Home is empty or the user has no Homes in HomeKit. • Widgets & Shortcuts Actions are now much quicker to load available accessories. Widgets have also been tweaked slightly. • Improved the organisation of Shortcuts actions. • Added the ability to filter accessories by room, manufacturer and model in Shortcuts. • The Battery Accessories Shortcuts action has been marked as deprecated as the Find Accessory action is now preferred and offers the ability for filtering.