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HomeButtons makes is quick & easy to toggle all of your HomeKit accessories & scenes. Whilst the built-in Home app provides this functionality, HomeButtons was designed to make it much quicker to quickly activate a scene or toggle an accessory’s state. It is fully configurable so you only see your most used accessories & scenes..


To find out whatʼs new in HomeButtons, please head to the releases page here.



Add the accessories you use most to enable you to quickly toggle lights on & off, shutters opened & closed and more. As long as the accessory has a toggle-type mechanism, it is supported by HomeButtons. Accessories you add are split by room and sorted alphabetically so they are easy to find.


Set the scene with your most frequently used scenes. No more trying to guess where in the grid you can find your scene, the scenes you add are all sorted alphabetically.


Control your accessories & scenes from the Home or Lock Screen with support for widgets. Widgets are interactive and support the same quick selection methods as the main app to control your home.

Apple Watch

The HomeButtons app for Apple Watch makes it super quick & easy to control your accessories and set the scene from your wrist. It’s quick to update and is fully configurable too.


HomeButtons is free to download but some features require a HomeButtons+ subscription. This is priced as follows: • $0.99/£0.99 per month • $4.99/£4.99 per year (1 week free trial) • $19.99/£19.99 lifetime ($9.99/£9.99 users prior to version 2.0) Promo codes available upon request.


HomeButtons is available on iOS (17.0+), iPadOS (17.0+), macOS (14.0+) and watchOS (10.0+).


HomeButtons has been built using SwiftUI, App Intents, Core Data + CloudKit, HomeKit, StoreKit and WidgetKit.


HomeButtons is localised in English.


Hi, Iʼm Adam! 👋 Iʼm an indie developer living in the UK building apps for iOS and other Apple platforms. Iʼve been building apps since 2015 and went full-time indie in 2022 after working at a startup for four years as an iOS developer. I created HomeButtons as I felt the built-in Home app on Apple Watch wasnʼt quick enough to surface the scenes & accessories that I was looking to control. The addition of widgets on iPhone, iPad and Mac enabled those same quick controls to work on these devices too.


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