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TV Launcher makes it easy for cord-cutters to launch live TV channels across Apple platforms in the UK, Ireland, US and Australia. TV Launcher integrates a full TV Guide with the ability to launch live channels across multiple streaming apps so users don’t have to hop between them. There is support for notifications just before a programme starts, multiple Widgets, Shortcuts and an Apple Watch app for checking schedules too. Integration with the Top Shelf on tvOS means channels can be launched without even opening the app and you can see at a glance what is on.


To find out whatʼs new in TV Launcher, please head to the releases page here.


Streaming Platforms

TV Launcher supports many of the most popular streaming platforms in the UK, US, Ireland and Australia.

Top Shelf

You don’t even have to open TV Launcher to get to the channel you want to watch. With the supported Top Shelf extension, you can launch any of the supported channels and even choose to show the current channel listing instead of just the logo.

Widgets & Shortcuts

Widgets are available for Watch Now, Now & Next, TV Guide and Channels Widgets, so you'll be able to see whatʼs on and select channels without even opening the app! Support for Siri Shortcuts means you can watch channels, fetch listings and perform other actions using just your voice on this device or a connected HomePod! There is also a Shortcut that will allow you to open the channel on your linked Apple TV too!

Watch Now

View what's on for every channel in one place with full artwork for each channel and the ability to jump into the program to find out more.

TV Guide

Check out listings up to a week in the future so you can decide what to watch!

Up Next

Add programmes to your Up Next queue and get notified when they're about to start.

Now & Next

See what's currently on and what will be on straight afterwards.


If you have a select few channels you always like to watch, add them to your favourites list.

Hide Channels

Not interested in the news or don’t have kids? Choose the channels you want to hide and only keep around the ones you’re likely to watch. If you don’t have a streaming app installed, you can hide channels from those too.


TV Launcher is available as a one-time purchase for $4.99/£4.99. Promo codes available upon request.


TV Launcher is available on iOS (16.0+), iPadOS (16.0+), macOS (13.0+), tvOS (16.0+), visionOS (1.0+) and watchOS (9.0+).


TV Launcher has been built using SwiftUI, UIKit, App Intents, Core Data, Core Data + CloudKit, TipKit, UserNotifications and WidgetKit.


TV Launcher is localised in English.


Hi, Iʼm Adam! 👋 Iʼm an indie developer living in the UK building apps for iOS and other Apple platforms.Iʼve been building apps since 2015 and went full-time indie in 2022 after working at a startup for four years as an iOS developer. Iʼve been using an Apple TV as my main source of media for a while now and have a few dotted around the house. Getting an aerial to some of these TVs was not easily possible so I decided to switch to using my Apple TV for live TV as well. The problem with this is that there is not a single unified TV guide in the UK for Apple TV so you have to go through each app individually to find something to watch. So, I created TV Launcher. The app is simple to use and makes it easy for cord-cutters to find something to watch now or later. Many features have been added since release, including more countries, more platforms and support for widgets, Siri Shortcuts and the ability to be reminded before a programme starts.


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