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TV Remote is a fully customisable remote app for. It supports themes, customisable layouts, Siri Shortcuts and Widgets - all enabling full control over a connected TV. The app supports televisions from LG, Samsung, Sony and those powered by Roku software plus many others too. It was designed to closely match the built-in Apple TV Remote app but be fully functional for a full TV set. Support for switching apps, sources and even entering text via a keyboard means it can fully replace a physical remote.


To find out whatʼs new in TV Remote, please head to the releases page here.


Universal Remote

TV Remote supports many brands of TVs and makes it easy for you to setup each one in a single app. You’ll find the buttons you’re used to seeing and there’s even the ability to launch apps and switch sources too.

Interactive Widgets

Remote commands can be added to your Home Screen or Lock Screen for quick access to your remote when you need it. There’s supports for launching apps, sources and changing channels all from a Widget too and with Interactive Widgets, you won't even need to open the app!

Siri Shortcuts

Without even opening the app, you’ll be able to perform commands, change channels, launch apps and more with the Siri Shortcuts integration! For example, you’ll be able to configure a string of commands together to change a specific setting on your TV without even lifting a finger.

Live Activities

Get access to a set of configured commands on your Lock Screen or Dynamic Island that allows you to quickly change channels, adjust volume and much more - all without opening the app!

Custom Layouts

TV Remote gives you the ability to fully customise how you want the remote for each TV to look. Using a set of pre-configured layout components, you’ll be able to choose which buttons go where so you get the exact look you’re after.


Gone are the days of a plain remote! With TV Remote, you can be bold and design the exact look and feel of your television remote - even down to the icon tint on a button, and whether buttons are round or square. Each television has its own theme and there are plenty of presets to choose from too. You can even lock the app to light/dark mode.


No need to use arrow keys to navigate round an on-screen keyboard. With TV Remote, you’ll have access to a full keyboard you can use to search for programmes and more!

Channels, Apps & Sources

TV Remote will load the available channels, apps and sources available on your television and allow you to launch them with just a tap.

Wake from Sleep

TV Remote supports Wake-on-LAN to allow you to power on your television when it is asleep.


Control your television using swipe gestures on a touchpad instead of the standard directional keypad for a more fluid experience.


TV Remote is free to download but some features require a TV Remote Premium subscription. This is priced as follows: • $1.99/£1.99 per month • $12.99/£12.99 per year (1 week free trial) • $39.99/£39.99 lifetime Promo codes available upon request.


TV Remote is available on iOS (16.0+), iPadOS (16.0+), visionOS (1.0+) and watchOS (9.0+).


TV Remote has been built using SwiftUI, App Intents, Core Data + CloudKit, StoreKit, TipKit, WatchConnectivity and WidgetKit.


TV Remote is localised in English, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.


Hi, Iʼm Adam! 👋 Iʼm an indie developer living in the UK building apps for iOS and other Apple platforms.Iʼve been building apps since 2015 and went full-time indie in 2022 after working at a startup for four years as an iOS developer. I created TV Remote as the remote app that was made by the manufacturer of my TV had not been updated in many years so appeared as a letterbox since it had not been designed to accommodate for the notch on newer iPhone devices. After some reverse engineering, I soon had a working app that supported Shortcuts and a nice look and feel. Some users discovered my app but found that it wasnʼt compatible with their television so I started to support more and more of the most popular sets. Now TV Remote supports many brands and has added many new features since release such as the ability to customise layouts, set themes and control TVs with interactive widgets.


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