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WristBoard Releases

Version 6.1

18 September 2023

iOS 17 Update

• Redesigned watchOS app for watchOS 10 users. • Added support for themes for watchOS 10 users. Configure in Settings > Themes. • Improved the performance of the backspace key for watchOS 10 users. • Scrolling the cursor with the Digital Crown will now provide haptic feedback. • Support for the Smart Stack on watchOS 10. • Added new animations throughout the app for a more fluid experience. • Improved haptic feedback throughout the app.

Version 6.0

3 April 2023

Full Cursor Support

WristBoard now supports the cursor fully with the ability to use the Digital Crown to scroll through the current message and make adjustments if something is spelt incorrectly. This makes it much better for typing on such a small screen where mistakes are more likely to be made.

Easier Symbols & Numbers Access

Symbols and numbers are now much easier to access with a dedicated button on the main keyboard instead of being accessed through the emoji menu options.

Diacritics/Accented Characters

Diacritics/Accented Characters can now be accessed by long pressing on the relevant key on the keyboard instead of a dedicated page with all of them on that took a while to access.

Caps Lock

It’s now possible to type in all caps with a double tap of the Shift key.

New Lines

New lines can be inserted using the return key - it makes it much easier for writing emails.


The app’s overall layout has been upgraded to make it easier to type messages. The algorithm for suggesting words and performing autocorrect has also been greatly improved to suggest more relevant words. US and UK English dictionaries have been separated for improved suggestions. The swipe keyboard is also now built-in to the main keyboard so it’s easier to switch between typing styles.