WristBoard App Icon


WristBoard (previously Shift Keyboard) is a full keyboard for Apple Watch. It supports multiple languages and QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts with support for autocorrect, text suggestions and custom dictionaries too.

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TV Launcher

TV Launcher provides users with a convenient way to quickly launch live TV channels within their respective apps on iOS, macOS and tvOS. Made for cord-cutters in the UK who were primarily using their Apple TV for media consumption, and now also available in the US, TV Launcher has a convenient TV Guide for being able to find something live to watch with ease.

TV Remote App Icon

TV Remote

TV Remote was inspired by the Apple TV Remote app and supports controlling TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, Roku and many more. The app features the ability to customise layouts, themes and lots more.

HomeBatteries App Icon


HomeBatteries makes it easy to quickly view the battery status of all HomeKit devices and get notified when batteries are running low.

HomeButtons App Icon


HomeButtons makes it easy to control Apple HomeKit Scenes and Accessories on Apple Watch or through the Widget.

RetroBoard App Icon


RetroBoard is T9 style keyboard for Apple Watch. Similar to old feature phones, you can use nine keys to type out messages.

MediWidget App Icon


MediWidget allows you to add your medical ID to your Lock Screen or Home Screen via Widgets. MediWidget syncs with MediWear and MediSOS for a full medical ID experience.

MediWear App Icon


MediWear is a medical ID app designed specifically for Apple Watch. MediWear syncs with MediWidget and MediSOS for a full medical ID experience.

MediSOS App Icon


MediSOS allows you to activate a medical emergency siren when needed most. MediSOS syncs with MediWidget and MediWear for a full medical ID experience.

Shutters App Icon


Shutters brings all SOMA Connect devices into one place to enable quickly opening/closing blinds and viewing battery status.

Instructor App Icon


Instructor is an app designed for driving instructors that allows them to track student progress for a variety of topics in an easy to use app.

Territory App Icon


Territory is a tool for iOS and other Apple platform developers to quickly switch the active storefront of the App Store on their device. This is so that they can see if their app has been featured in other country/region.

Haptics App Icon


Haptics is a tool specifically designed for iOS developers to allow them to test out the different types of haptic feedback that iOS has to offer. The Apple Watch companion app provides similar functionality for watchOS developers too.

NQSubBlock App Icon


NQSubBlock is a Safari Content Blocker that prevents articles being blocked by the subscription banner on Newsquest websites.

Food Stickers App Icon

Food Stickers

Food Stickers is a stickers app built for iMessage.

Legacy Apps

WristChat App Icon


WristChat was an Apple Watch app for reading & responding to WhatsApp messages. It supports typing messages on a full keyboard via linking with WristBoard.

AllergyMe App Icon


AllergyMe was a medical ID app specifically designed for allergy sufferers. This was my very first iOS app and was created as I suffer from a peanut allergy.

Other Apps

ASO Toolkit App Icon

ASO Toolkit

ASO Toolkit (previously Redbox Toolbox) is an app I built whilst working at Redbox Mobile, an ASO agency. It enables developers to update app metadata and monitor keyword & category rankings.

Download ASO Toolkit on the App Store